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4 Best Uses for Green Screens

Green screens are a great tool that is used in video production. It can change any background from behind you! Making sure the subject is lit properly is key to making your new background look amazing. Although green screens are very useful, they don’t need to be used in every project. If you’re unsure if your video project should have a green screen, below are 5 of the best uses for green screens.

1. Special Effects

If your video has to have any special effects in it, then depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, the green screen could be the perfect fit for you! Many movies make use of this to help out with their effect. Take a look at any action or superhero movie. All of them have most likely used it during production. 

2. Video Conferences 

Maybe your project just involves looking better during work meetings. If you’re meeting new people all of the time through video conferencing and want to make a good impression, or you just want to look more professional, the green screen could be something to look into. Sometimes our offices or home offices aren’t always looking great or can be messy. Using a green screen can take the pressure off and allow you to choose a better-looking background, so no one is distracted and everyone can be more productive.

3. Live Events

Another good use of a green screen is using it for live events. If you want to up the production look or even put a PowerPoint behind you while you speak, green screens can help. It allows you to create a more engaging and visually dynamic experience for your audience.

4. Gaming

If you’re a gamer who live streams, a green screen can be a good investment. Instead of being in the corner of a video like a lot of creators. You can remove the background and just have you and your chair in the corner, while the game is being played behind you. It lets your audience see more of what’s on the screen.