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Omni view Sports and Green Screen Boston Studios!

Omniview Sports and Green Screen Boston

Omni view Sports chooses Sound and Vision Media of Boston to introduce the most revolutionary way to View Sports!

Imagine watching all of the most pivitol moments of any sports events that really matter the most to you, all with only ONE TV, watching your fantasy players across all of your leagues all in the comfort of your living room, all based on live “real time data”!


Sound and Vision Media of Boston’s Script writers, Mark Helms and Kevin Bowers and Director Mark Helms and producers Kevin Bowers and Charles Vitale enjoyed the entire creative process and are excited to release these exciting new videos to the sporting world!


Stayed tuned for some amazing videos and photography for this truly one of a kind sports app that actually changes the channels on your TV at the perfect time to any sporting events that you really want to see!

Boston’s #1 Green Screen Studio

Green Screen Boston is New England’s leading provider of affordable, broadcast quality, green screen video productions.