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What is Chroma Keying?

The technique known as chroma keying, commonly referred to as Green Screen (or blue screen, depending on the screen color), finds widespread use in everything from weather forecast broadcasts to Hollywood blockbusters. It involves initially combining two images to extract or render transparent a color from one image. Then, it replaces that color with an alternate image or video, enabling subjects to inhabit diverse environments. Typically, green or blue colors are preferred due to their significant contrast with skin tone. For instance, if a meteorologist wears a blue suit, the background image of the weather map replaces the suit.

At Green Screen Boston, we utilize a green screen background because image sensors in digital video cameras exhibit the highest sensitivity to green. As a result, green screens produce the cleanest image and require minimal lighting for illumination. Additionally, a blue background is more likely to match a person’s eye color or clothing, such as jeans or a navy suit. We go beyond the traditional applications of chroma keying to offer a wide range of creative possibilities.

Whether you’re producing a commercial, a music video, or a corporate presentation, our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure the highest quality results and bring your unique vision to life. With our technologically advanced green screen capabilities, Green Screen Boston and Sound & Vision Media bring your creative vision to life.

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